Global Emerging Fungal Infection Registry



Prof. Oliver A. Cornely

Project Manager
Dr. Danila Seidel
PhD, Cologne

Coordinating Physicians and Quality Control Team Cologne
Dr. Maria JGT Vehreschild MD
Luisa Duran Graeff MD
Dr. Blasius Liss MD
Dr. Philipp Köhler MD
Frank Müller, Documentalist

Epidemiology, IT & Statistics
Dr. J. Janne Vehreschild
MD, Cologne

Microbiology and Sample Storage
Dr. Hilmar Wisplinghoff
MD, Cologne
Prof. Cornelia Lass-Flörl
MD, Innsbruck
Dr. Michaela Lackner
MD, Innsbruck

Molecular Identification
Prof. Sybren de Hoog
PhD, CBS Utrecht
Dr. Volker Rickerts
MD, Berlin

Dr. Birgid Markiefka
MD, Cologne

Thoracic Surgery
Prof. Khosro Hekmat
MD, Cologne

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Dr. Fedja Farowski
DMSc, Cologne



The incidence of invasive fungal infections is increasing worldwide. While the etiology of this development has not been completely understood, evermore invasive medical care as well as increasing numbers of long-term immunocompromised patients are considered major contributing factors.
To counter this development, diagnostic and therapeutic standards have been established for the most common fungi, i.e. Candida spp., Aspergillus spp., Cryptococcus spp. and Pneumocystis jirovecii. However, a wide variety of so-called emerging fungi accounts for a significant proportion of invasive fungal infections. Data on their epidemiology, pathogen biology and clinical course is scarce, often impeding evidence-guided decision making in the clinical setting.
To overcome these difficulties and eventually improve patient care, Fungiscope — Global Registry for Emerging Fungal Infections has been created in 2003. As of January 2015, 494 cases have been entered.


Fungiscope follows a multi-modal approach, including the following components:

  • Filing patient data in an online database, to register please contact us
  • FungiThek: Biobanking and reference analysis of isolates and histopathological specimens
  • Epidemiological survey on the incidences of emerging fungal infections
  • Clinicians´ search engine of the Fungiscope database: FungiQuest
  • Therapeutic antifungal drug monitoring for participating centers
  • Providing clinical specimens to cooperating centers for defined research projects. Prior to sharing of samples or data, approval of the contributors of the respective cases will be obtained.
  • Statistical analysis based on Fungiscope data only, or in cooperation with other centers/registries

The registry is open to everybody who encounters a case of a rare or emerging fungal infection in their clinical work and wishes to contribute the case to Fungiscope. Please contact us to receive your personal Fungiscope account to access the online case report form.

Budgetary Information

For each evaluable case documented by the participating center, a compensation of € 100 will be provided. If the documentation workload is too high, centers are encouraged to ask the study office for dedicated personnel sent to their site. For isolates made available to the central Fungiscope laboratory an additional € 50 per isolate will be granted to compensate for packing and shipping.

Authorship Policy

Together we publish subsets of this cohort. Authorship is restricted to those centers contributing patients, or translational work or specimens to the subset published. For each contributing center there will be authorship positions available.

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R4R Identifier: NCT01731353

Supported by unrestricted grants from Astellas Pharma, Gilead Sciences, MSD Sharp & Dohme GmbH, and Pfizer Pharma GmbH